The Place

The "Hospital"

Achieving hospital status requires a lot of work! More than just a vet clinic or vet surgery, we have extra equipment, facilities and systems to meet the high standards required to be classified as a hospital.

We have a specialised isolation ward for contagious pets to stay while in hospital, separate imaging suite for ultrasound and x-rays, and soon we will have extra dog wards and cat wards for hospital stays.

The Wellness Centre

Our focus on wellness expands our services beyond the standard vet offerings. We can provide extra options for illnesses, nutrition, injuries, preventative care and much more; things a veterinary clinic doesn’t normally do.

The Building

A purpose designed & built hospital for ultimate client & patient comfort. 

We strive for low stress visits and the building helps this with the small details: colours, sounds, smells and layout - all carefully chosen to offer the most physically & emotionally comfortable visit we can.

The hospital has been designed to meet all needs with a large laboratory area, a private client lounge space, a dedicated sterilisation area for surgery equipment preparation, a dental zone, an extensive pharmacy, a refreshment station for our human visitors and space for a special range of unique retail products.

We have chosen top of the line professional amenities & equipment so staff can do the best job possible and get you the best results as fast as possible.

The People

The Pawfect Mission

Pawfect Health wants to offer more options and open up doors to alternative methods of treatment. We do this with the ultimate combo of super professionals at the top of their game with skills to cover all areas of pet health care.

Our goal is to build a strong relationship with you and your pets so we can work together - a complete team approach to get the best results we can - the way you want to get there. With open communication and our down-to-earth team, we are excited to build that relationship with you & your pet.

Our standards of care for pain management and safety cannot be compromised and we will always offer the best choices for your pet’s health. We work hard with you to tailor a solution to suit your treatment preferences.

The Pawfect Team studies, researches and keeps learning, to be up to date with all we can offer so that we can guarantee we’re providing you the best possible solutions.

We have what is best for your pet at heart. Our team cherishes their own pets beyond words, going above and beyond to keep them with us for as long as possible and as happy as possible. We want to do the same for your furry family members.

Our People

We are crazy cat ladies and serious dog people. Pets are part of our family, we holiday with them, they sleep in our beds, they come on our bushwalks and we take them out for brunch. We understand the bond between pet and “owner” and want to do our best to preserve it. 

We have carefully selected our team to be made up of people that are passionate, caring and dedicated to pet care, so they provide the best attention for your pet & look after you too. We know how hard it is to have a sick or injured pet and we want to make that process as easy as possible.

Our Difference

  • Results when you think you’re out of options.
  • Trusted professionals.
  • Highly qualified holistic health practitioners.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Options and choices.
  • Highly skilled medical team.
  • Special attention - extra time & extra care - longer consult times, down to earth communication.
  • Exceptional knowledge.

Anything you need for your pet - we can help.