Classic Care

If you are looking for all the normal vet stuff, you have come to the right place. We provide all the classic vet treatments and services - but in a Pawfect way. 

This range of services is the foundation of all pet care things. With the extra time, care and attention given to your pet, you can fully understand your pet’s medical care, have all your questions answered and make decisions you are comfortable with.

We are always expanding our services list and there are many other things we can do for your pet, so feel free to chat with our team and ask as many questions as you like. We’ll find a solution that is the best fit for you and your pet.

For sick pets we aim to provide thorough diagnostic workups without excessive testing.


Pawfect Care Team

All our doctors are fully trained and have extensive experience in medical, surgical, dental and preventative care for dogs and cats. Our team members each have strengths in a wide range of areas so we can provide someone who is exceptionally great in each particular area of treatment.

Every pet is treated as unique with an individual condition and set of circumstances, so our team works collaboratively and your case doctor may recommend an internal referral to one of our other team members who has special skills in a particular area. Together they can get the best health treatment for your pet.

Dr Brooke

Dr Brooke has amazing diagnostic and medical skills plus extensive behaviour and training experience. Getting a firm diagnosis and a solid medical treatment plan for getting sick pets well again is where we rely on Dr Brooke to shine.  More Info...

Dr Brittainy

Dr Brittainy has amazing skills in cardiology, anaesthesia & medical diagnostics. She has spent time with cardiology specialists here at VSS, doing lots of overseas study including a cardiology placement at the Royal School of Veterinary Studies in Edinburgh, working in pathology labs and at the emergency centre. Dr Brittainy is very thorough, warm & has a wealth of knowledge to diagnose and treat sick pets.  More Info...


  • Dental Care