Combo Care

This treatment approach provides your pet with the best of both worlds and gets some really exciting results when other methods have failed.

Combining natural alternatives with traditional medicine and treatments gives both a supportive and corrective treatment plan that tackles your pet’s concerns from every angle and truly resolves the issue/s.

For example, numbing an itch is not the answer when you can treat the cause of the itch and eliminate the problem.

Using a combination of therapies to treat the symptoms and the cause makes your pet happier and healthier and provides a long term solution rather than a quick fix that may well reemerge soon after. 

We find this approach gets really amazing outcomes often where standard vet treatments have failed. So we see a lot of second and third opinion cases with frustrated pet owners looking for help. Seeing improvements from our recommendations makes our day! (We get pretty excited.)


Pawfect Health Medical & Surgical Team

Every pet is treated as unique with an individual condition and set of circumstances, so our team works collaboratively and your case doctor may recommend an internal referral to one of our other team members who has special skills in a particular area. Together they can get the best health treatment for your pet.  More Info...

Dr Brooke

Dr Brooke gets particularly excellent results with difficult skin cases, behavioural cases and complex medical conditions using a combination of therapies to approach a disease from all angles.  More Info...

Dr Amanda

Dr Amanda loves surgery and caring for pets with musculoskeletal conditions of their joints, bones, ligaments, muscles, etc. Treating pets with a combination of natural therapies like acupuncture, biopuncture combined with standard veterinary medicines or surgery gives your pet an extraordinary recovery.  More Info...

Dr Brittainy

With vast knowledge in diagnostic medicine & preventative care, combined with her experience in natural medicine clinics, Dr Brittainy has an excellent understanding of the combined therapies we offer. This opens up additional pathways for your pet’s health & wellness with the support of our whole team.  More Info...



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