Natural Care

We want to offer more than routine, standard health options for your pet and we do this with our range of effective natural treatment options that give great results. 

Our goal is to provide you with the resources to treat your pets in a manner that aligns with your values, but is still effective and considered good medicine. 

All our natural practitioners are both veterinary trained plus qualified in their area of holistic expertise, so you get a strong integrated treatment plan that is truly both natural and medically sound.

We are strong believers in making full use of all the options available as long as they are appropriate, studied and we see the results. If there is something that we don’t already offer and you would like to explore, let us know. We are always keen to hear about new and exciting treatments.


Pawfectly Natural Team

Every pet is treated as unique with an individual condition and set of circumstances, so our team works collaboratively and your case doctor may recommend an internal referral to one of our other team members who has special skills in a particular area. Together they can get the best health treatment for your pet.

Dr Brooke

Dr Brooke is our go to person for natural nutrition care, skin complaints assistance, medical issues, behaviour concerns & natural medicine, including immune disorder and chemotherapy support using Chinese medicine and naturopathic treatments.

Dr Amanda

Dr Amanda looks after your pets with chiropractic care, acupuncture, natural medicine, Animal Biomechanical Medicine and post surgery or post injury rehab.


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