Play Time


Our Doggy Day Care zone is set up with fun, games and all sorts of activities!!! A great option if your pupper needs some training, day time supervision, medicating, exercise or socialisation while you are at work. 

If your doggo struggles to be home alone or if you need them to burn off some of the zoomies - a day or two with us through the week is just what they need. Stop that home-alone destructo, Houdini dog or just that sad face at the window when you leave and let us help.

For the older pooches, just small, managed play with the energetic bunch can give them a pick me up while still having some snuggle time with the team, a rest and some solo playtime. A senior pet stay is particularly useful if medications are needed through the day or if they have more frequent toileting needs through the day.

Our day care stays include snacks & refreshments (super healthy & tasty), group playtime, one on one activities, puzzles, solo rest time, games and we can incorporate personalised training activities too if you like.

We want to work out their bodies and minds and give them a great day out.

Day care stays can be full day, part day or just a mini play date if you need to duck to the shops or appointment. Drop off & pick up times can be pretty flexible so discuss with our carers what works best for your schedule.

Play is an important part of mental health for dogs (and cats). Play helps pets learn, burn off stress and energy and avoid boredom by providing mental stimulation. The best play combines both physical activities and mental activities together in a way that your pet enjoys. Each pet has their particular favourites and we aim to cater for all preferences!